“We use HEAT SEEKER on our herd of 300 cows and also our heifers. We found them very easy to apply and with their bright colours it made it simple to identify cows on heat. We felt HEAT SEEKER contributed to our empty rate dropping from 17% to 8%. We will definitely be using HEAT SEEKER again”.

Rob and Katrina Kelly of Oamaru

“Using HEAT SEEKER on the whole dairy herd and also on the yearling heifers has given us many benefits on farm. Having to apply up to 1000 heat patches during milking, the ease of application of the self-adhesive HEAT SEEKER is clearly ahead of other methods. The peel and stick method is easy and provides real stickability to the cow when applied. They are providing accurate selection of cows in heat and all staff are very confident when picking cows to be mated. The bright colours of pink, red and blue are easily seen and have made a crucial task that much easier since using the HEAT SEEKER”.

Justin Edgecombe of Waratah Farms

The biggest influence on profitability on any dairy farm is pregnancy. If you can guarantee every cow will calve every 12-months, it has a huge bearing on your costings. It’s just near impossible to achieve, but the closer you can get to that, the more efficient your operation becomes. The HEAT SEEKER product certainly helps to achieve that.”

Neal Raphael of Muswellbrook

“I run 80 yearling heifers on a runoff 5km from the dairy unit…and see the heifers once a day. I tried HEAT SEEKER after being dissatisfied with other brands and I was thrilled with the results. Being self-adhesive, applying them was very easy with no mess and 100% retention. The Channel and Chamber system worked well. I will definitely use them again this season”.

Brian Baxter of Te Rehunga

“We have used HEAT SEEKERs on our 700 cow dairy herd for the past three years. HEAT SEEKERs are instrumental in ensuring our staff catch cows on heat. With the unique Channel and Chamber system helping us to identify ‘just-on’ cows. Being self-adhesive is a landmark advancement in heat detectors, making it simple to attach 2 or 200 at a time…so convenient you actually don’t put the job off. HEAT SEEKERs are a crucial part of our reproductive management”.

Steve Chesworth of Dubbo

“The HEAT SEEKERs are so easy to apply. Normally it is a two person job in the rotary, but I found it easy to manage on my own. In the first three weeks, 340 of the 360 cows carrying the HEAT SEEKERs had been submitted for AI. I’ve never had that good a response before….ever!”

Amanda Maplestone of Katunga

“We used HEAT SEEKER detectors for the first time last year and they helped increase our submission rate. Our in-calf rate rose to 98%. HEAT SEEKER is a marked improvement over the previous heat detection aids we have used”.

Stephen and Martin Scherer of Waikato

“We have found the HEAT SEEKER to be the best heat detection aid we’ve used for ease of application….and the stay on rate has been excellent!”.

Lee Crichton of Cohuna