Our range of cost effective heat detectors allow farmers to better manage their herd’s in-calf rates and subsequent farm profitability.

Accurate Heat Detection

Heat detection is an essential part of an effective bovine breeding program, traditionally accomplished by keen observation and record keeping. This labour intensive method required several hours a day and its accuracy depended upon the experience of the observer. This process often resulted in lost earnings and lower efficiencies on farm when heat cycles were not reliably detected.

Greater Accuracy

Development of bovine heat detection aids that provide greater levels of accuracy in identifying cows in oestrus have increased the in-calf rates on farm and the resulting profitability for the farmer.

Cost Effective

Beacon Automation provides an innovative range of cost effective heat detection devices that identify more cows in heat, provide greater accuracy to enable the better timing of AI services and are convenient to use and interpret.

Why Use Heat Detectors?

Industry research has shown that heat detection rates are higher in herds using heat mount detectors than it is in those herds using other methods, such as the interpretation of tail paint or from the observation of the cow’s physiological changes. These traditional methods of determining if a cow is in oestrus are made more difficult if the observer is not suitably skilled to interpret those methods.

Reduce Missed Cycles

Heat mount detectors such as the HEAT SEEKER™, ScratchE™ and BULLING BEACON™ range of products, as produced by Beacon Automation, identify more cows in heat, cows that have short heats and cows that cycle at night. These results can shorten herd calving intervals by reducing missed cycles.


Beacon Automation’s range of products are ideal for identifying pre-heats, main joining and returns and allow for a more precise timing of insemination.

We’re Always Innovating

Our aim at Beacon is to take the guesswork out of heat detection and to provide you with innovative, easy to use heat detectors.

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Better manage your herd’s in-calf rates and subsequent farm profitability today.

Beacon Automation have given farmers the required tools to reliably and economically detect oestrus in cattle since 1995.

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