HEAT SEEKER™ is the latest self-adhesive heat detector in our range.

Utilising the patented ‘Channel and Chamber’ technology, HEAT SEEKER™ delivers an unrivalled combination of sticking power and ease of application not seen before in self-adhesive heat detectors.

  • Available in 3 bright colours for practical herd management.
  • Design reduces false positives.
  • Easy to interpret progress of oestrus.
  • Superior self-adhesive strength.
  • Moulds easily over the cow’s backbone.
  • Large surface area for better adhesion.
  • One person application.
  • Available in packets of 20 and 100.

Product and Installation Video

Patch progress when HEAT SEEKER™ is activated

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Any oil or solvent based product will reduce the performance of the self adhesive system. Do not place HEAT SEEKER™ detectors over tail paint or on any animal treated with pour on drench.

HEAT SEEKER™ adhesive only bonds to the animal’s hair. You need to remove all loose hair prior to application, otherwise your HEAT SEEKER™ detectors may fall off prematurely with the shed hair. Never apply HEAT SEEKER™ detectors to areas bare of hair.

The HEAT SEEKER™ detector features a large surface area specially designed to mold to any cows backbone. Place as normal, usually best on the flat area on the backbone just behind the hips.

No. Do not try to reposition. The self-adhesive will not adhere properly after the first contact with the cow.

No. This will reduce the pressure from the mounting animal, and might not trigger full activation. Place your HEAT SEEKER™ forward of the depression.

Ideally HEAT SEEKER™ detectors should be applied in dry weather, however when the need arises to apply them in the wet be sure to remove as much excess water from the application site as is possible, make sure the detector is warm and the adhesive tacky, rub the detector hard (avoid applying any pressure to the capsule) to work the adhesive well into the hair. Wet weather does not affect the HEAT SEEKER™ detector once it is on the cow.

What our customers say about HEAT SEEKER™

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