Beacon is always in the process of improving upon its range of heat detection devices to assist farmers in reducing missed heats. After extensive research and field trials, Beacon has improved upon the features of its ScratchE® range of label based heat detectors.

ScratchE® has a protective top layer which is ‘rubbed’ off by the mounting activity of herd mates. When this occurs, a bright under layer is revealed which clearly indicates a standing heat.

  • •        Superior self-adhesive strength.
  • •        5 bright colours.
  • •        Moulds easily over the cow’s backbone.
  • •        Convenient strips of 5 patches.
  • •        Quick and easy one person application.
  • •        Available in packets of 50.


Please view this short video on the best way to apply ScratchE®.

Click to view ScratchE application instructions