BULLING BEACON™ is our original oestrus detection aid.

It set a benchmark for heat detection that rival devices have not matched. Sturdy, reliable and accurate, BULLING BEACON™ oestrus detectors are the perfect solution for effective herd management.

  • Allows for more precise insemination timing.
  • Patented Channel and Chamber system.
  • Shortens your herd calving interval by reducing missed heats.
  • Suitable for both beef and dairy AI programs.
  • Available in 3 bright colours for practical herd management.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Available in packets of 25 & 100.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both BULLING BEACON™ and HEAT SEEKER™ detectors incorporate a proven time-release dye capsule that will become activated only after sustained pressure. Remember that oestrus detectors are only an aid, the farmer should still look for further evidence of true standing heat, observe the condition of the cloth, marked and dirty indicates the animal has had frequent riding activity, or clean which indicates little or no riding activity.

Further evidence of standing heat needs to be looked for, make sure the cow has not been in a confined space where she could not get away from bulling herd mates. At the next inspection if there is no change to the detector you should treat her as not in heat. The same is true for the HEAT SEEKER™ indicator.

BULLING BEACON™ detectors have been designed to work in any weather conditions. Apply as normal in wet weather.

The only part of the detector to be influenced by age is the dye in the time-release capsule which, if not stored correctly, can evaporate over extended periods. Hold a detector up to the light and check how much dye is in the tube. If there is still 90% or more dye the detector is fine to use. Store your left over detectors in an air tight container in a cool place with the arrows pointing upwards. The same applies to the HEAT SEEKER™ detector.

Yes, during transit and in hot and humid conditions the dye in the tube sometimes expands and in these conditions it only takes a little rough handling to cause a small amount of dye to leak out of the tube. As long as most of the detector’s capsule is white and you can see 90% or more dye in tube when it is held up to the light the detector is still fine.

Both BULLING BEACON™ and HEAT SEEKER™ detectors are available in red, blue, pink and green. Each dye colour is designed for maximum visibility.

Some customers prefer the cost effective option of manual adhesion detectors. Also, in difficult circumstances (eg. extremely wet or cold climates) the BULLING BEACON™ can out-perform self-adhesive detectors if the farmer applies a thicker layer of BB adhesive to compensate.

Better manage your herd’s in-calf rates and subsequent farm profitability today.

Beacon Automation have given farmers the required tools to reliably and economically detect oestrus in cattle since 1995.

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