About Us


Established in 1995 as Beacon Marketing, we began manufacturing the first Australian made heat detector, the BULLING BEACON®. In 2011, our trading name changed to Beacon Heat Detectors and in early 2016 the business name evolved to Beacon Automation Pty Ltd, reflecting the new majority ownership by LIC Automation from New Zealand.

 As a result of listening to our customers’ needs, further innovative products have been developed and introduced to the market to complement the original BULLING BEACON® product. Similar in function to the original product, the self-adhesive HEAT SEEKER® range was released to market to enable an easier application process on farm. Also introduced was the self-adhesive ScratchE® range of label type heat detectors to provide an alternative method of oestrus detection.

All of our heat detection devices have undergone stringent testing and field trials as part of the Beacon design process. Field trials are conducted in several locations, from the heat of an Australian summer to the cold of a European winter, to ensure reliable product performance in any climate. Our production facilities incorporate strict quality control at each phase in the manufacturing process and as a result, Beacon heat detectors enjoy a deserved reputation as a dependable and reliable oestrus detector.

Beacon Automation continues to design and manufacture all of its products in Australia and proudly distributes them worldwide.