BULLING BEACON™ Application Instructions

  • If necessary, remove loose hair and dirt, and/or trim long hair to normal length. Long hair may allow the BULLING BEACON™ to be forced to the side of the backbone by the mounting animal – the BULLING BEACON™ may not then be effectively activated.
  • To position the BULLING BEACON™: the best position is on the backbone approximately half way between the hips and tailhead. Ensure that it is not placed in a depression as pressure by the mounting animal is required to activate the Bulling Beacon.
  • Spread adhesive to the desired area on the animal ensuring penetration into the hair. Then place the BULLING BEACON™ (with arrows pointing forward) onto the prepared area, and apply firm pressure to the side panels only to ensure a good bond.

Tips on interpreting the BULLING BEACON™ once mounting activity starts.

Once the bubble section is activated and fully coloured, subsequent mounts will force the dye through the channels into the chambered side panels. The pressure of mounting animals will continue to spread the dye through the series of chambers as additional evidence of mounting activity (see image below). When the entire detector is fully coloured it is indicative that considerable mounting activity has occurred. If the dye has not migrated to the side panels it may be that the cow has only recently come into heat.

Tired of using messy adhesive with your heat detectors?

Beacon Heat Detectors offer a self-adhesive detector – HEAT SEEKER™ – that functions just as your BULLING BEACON™ does, but without the need to manually apply adhesive! In normal weather conditions, simply peel away the backing paper and apply as per the instructions. HEAT SEEKER™ and other Beacon detectors are available through your BULLING BEACON™ reseller.