ScratchE™ Application Instructions

To achieve the maximum retention rate:

1. Dust her off

All dirt and manure needs to be removed from the application site before applying, use a tack cloth to remove the surface dust. Should the animal be moulting, a vigorous brushing will be needed to remove the loose hair and then use a tack cloth to remove the surface dust. Wipe only in the direction the hair grows, not disturbing any deeper dust layers. A lightly dampened cotton cloth can also be used. Do not use paper towels. The ScratchE™ adhesive is designed to adhere to the animals hair. If hair falls out the ScratchE™ will be lost with the hair.

2. Warm it up

In cooler weather warm ScratchE™ heat detectors immediately prior to application. The optimal temperature for the ScratchE™ is at least 37°C, (human body temperature). When applying small numbers of detectors they can be placed in your clothing close to your body, however, this method takes some time to bring the detectors up to the optimal temperature. Alternatively or when applying larger numbers you can use a fan heater or heat packs to warm the detectors. The ScratchE™ can be applied in all seasons if warmed. Do not apply in wet weather.

3. Stick it on

The ScratchE™ needs to be placed equidistant across the backbone. Push the ScratchE™ well into the hair. Pushing and rubbing briefly will not damage the silver surface. Each time the animal is ridden by herd mates more of the silver layer will rub away to reveal the bright coloured layer underneath. After the animal has been ridden several times the bright coloured layer will be clearly visible. During the fly season, tail flicking may cause some of the silver layer to rub off, place the ScratchE™ further back onto the tail head to minimise this. Hold the ScratchE™ on the edges when applying to avoid over handling the adhesive as oils and dirt from fingers can interfere with the bonding.


  1. ScratchE™ is designed to adhere to the hair of the animal so all loose or moulting hair needs to be removed. If the animals hair is excessively long it may be necessary to trim it to 1-2 cm’s to give the ScratchE™ a stable base while the animal is being ridden.
  2. The hair needs to be dry for the adhesive to achieve maximum bonding.
  3. Do not use on cattle treated recently with “pour-on” products, such as drenches, insecticides or over the top of tail paint.


Any heat detection device is only an aid which helps detect cows “in heat”. When used in conjunction with regular visual observation for the physical signs of estrus ScratchE™ detectors will help to maximise your heat detection efficiency.

Limited Warranty

This product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of manufacture. This warranty does not apply to product which has been incorrectly stored or applied, subjected to misuse or accidental damage. Liability is limited to the replacement value of the product.